As we all know Blackpool is in need of serious regeneration to make it attractive for both local communities and the tourists that visit us every year.


Sand, Sea & Spray is part of the solution, and has the potential to be used as a vehicle for positive-change in the town, transforming tired, dirty and derelict walls into a vibrant urban art gallery and gain international acclaim.


There are 100’s of walls available to us that could be included in the festival and all year round, if we really get behind the initiative with some realistic funding, integration and genuine support from the local authority and Arts Development Agencies like Left Coast.


Other local art-based initiatives cost 10 times that of this project and have a fraction of the impact. Now is a great opportunity to really support Sand, Sea & Spray and put it right at the centre of the art’s programme for Blackpool.


Our proposal is that Sand, Sea and Spray is realistically funded, included, developed and supported by Blackpool Council and the local economy. The festival has been run up to this point in time on passion, hard-work and some funding but it has gone as far as it can under these circumstances.


With a realistic budget of only £70,000, the festival could be much bigger and far reaching, including local dance groups & DJ’s, more workshops for children, more involvement from local artists, schools & communities and a series of stalls and exhibitions in the town centre and on the promenade as well as more derelict walls being transformed which give a ‘long-term’ lift to the visual landscape of Blackpool.

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